Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

A Crazy little thing that called love

This movie is very romantic story. if you are crazy about love story, you have to watch this movie. This movie is from thailand. I have been watched thailand's movie which about love..^_^
This movie tell about nam, the girl who really not beuty love shone, her senior who really handsome and popular. She tried to attract shone's attention but she always failed. until, she and his friends found and praticed the book which tell about the method to get lover .. she tried the method.. day by day she became beauty and closer to shone..but suddenly shone close friend,top love nam.. nam and top was in relationship.. when she was closer to shone, she lost her friend..and her didn't want to talk to nam.. when she broke her love with top..top said to shone that he or him don't allow in relationship with nam.. finally when nam graduated, she said that she love shone but shone said that he had had been relationship with pin (shone's friend).. nam cried..
so what do you think how the end is?you have to watch it..because I don't want to tell the ending ^_^.. I just tell that this movie is happy ending....^-^
it is really good movie..so don't miss it...!!!!!!!!