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Recap rich man poor woman (recommended)

         long time no see, I would like to recap this drama, because I really like this drama so much, this drama is on going now, so I crazy to wait the last drama. if you are programmer, you should watch this . because there are some software that is so awesome and we have never thought before. this drama is tell about a boy who's name is toru hyuga, he is genius but anti-social, he can't comunicate with another people well, he has good friend who's name is asahina, he isn't as genius as hyuga but he is good in comunicate with another, they look for some worker and they meet natsui makoto, when she apply to hyuga and asahina's company , natsui use another identity, sawaki chihiro. why does natsui change her name?? I wouldn't tell you :D then asahina's sister,yoko back to japan and fall in love with hyuga, but she is a little bit sad because hyuga can't rember her name. as you know, hyuga just remember 2 names, asahina and sawaki chihiro, who is sawaki chihiro?? hyuga always look for woman whose name is sawaki chihiro, so hyuga decided to make personal file. but asahina think that it  will be cause problem. after take this project, hyuga and asahina always have different opinions. finally, Asahina  take hyuga company and fired hyuga, hyuga is so desperated and natsui  accompany hyuga make new company. hyuga create awesome program in his new company, he use 3d scanning. when hyuga is with natsui, hyuga can comunicate with another, can remember people name, become nice guy, can control his anger but suddenly, natsui left hyuga behind.... what happen nextt???

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Natsui with hyuga in past company

Foto: 第8話、劇中の送別会スライドショーが配信中!

先日放送された第8話の、日向(小栗旬)の送別会シーンで流された「NEXT INNOVATION」の歴史を紹介したスライドショーがスペシャル動画として配信中です!

2004年、日向と朝比奈(井浦新)のふたりが学生会館の一室から始めた「NEXT INNOVATION」が、次第に社員を増やしどんどん事業を拡大していく過程が描かれています。楽しげに笑う日向と朝比奈を見ると、思わず切ない気分になったりもしますが・・・。オンエアでは確認できなかったスペシャルな映像もありますので、ぜひご覧ください。

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Asahina and hyuga when build their company

hyuga and team in new company
hyuga new company : "wonder wall"

Hyuga and yoko

Foto: Episode 10 Written Preview : 


「WONDER WALL」に戻った日向は、夏井真琴(石原さとみ)の思いっきりの笑顔で迎えられるが、直後に「NEXT INNOVATION」に強制捜査が入り、上場廃止や倒産の可能性もあると聞き心を痛める。しかしそれでも、新会社を軌道に乗せるため、地道な営業を含めた仕事に邁進する。真琴は、それを身近で支えるうち、社長として人間としてどんどん成長していく日向を、どこか寂しく感じるようになる。

そんな折、日向は山上芳行(佐野史郎)から「NEXT INNOVATION」に戻ってほしいと頭を下げられる。日向は、自分には守りたいものがほかにある、と伝えるが・・・。



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romance scene hyuga and natsui
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