Selasa, 22 November 2011

Paradise kiss (parakiss)

I have been watched this movie last saturday and I like this movie. this movie is great. I like the actors and actress and I love the ending of this movie, so romantic ><. the main character is Keiko kitagawa as Yukari Hayasaka and Mukai Osamu as Jouji "george" Koizumi. Yukari have simple life since she was child. she just had school, course, school and course, always like that because her mom want to yukari be a succesful woman. yukari entered one of best school in her area , and she had her first love in there. her life had been changed when she met arashi ( george's friend). she was offered by arashi to be his model. in the beginning she want to do it and refused it. suddenly george went to herschool and had apologize and make over yukari. actually yukari didn't like her new hair but when she met her first love, he said that yukari looked suit with new hair and beautiful. after heard it, yukari was so thankful with george. time by time yukari want to be their model ( arashi, george, isabella, miwako) and they made ther brand, paradise kiss.
there are some love story, triangle love story between miwako, arashi and yukari first love. love story between yukari and george. so who will be yukari's boyfriend? does yukari' mom permit her to become professional model? does yukari will be professional model? does paradise kiss's brand will be exist? and how will be yukari and george in the end?
you have to watch it..it is good movie..this movie is about love, friendship, family, dream, fashion, teamwork...don't miss it :)

Minggu, 06 November 2011

Nurse ( curious about stethoscope and spynomanometer)

I have been studied about stethoscope and spygnomanometr. it's so fun to know about how to use that. I can hear heart beat and I can measure bloodstream. I can understand how different between sistole and diastole..
for the first time, I couldn't find brachial pulse. but after I praticed many time finally I could find it. I have been realized that every people have different location for brachial pulse. so it sometimes take some minutes to find it.
when I use sthethoscope, I tried to hear my gastric's voice. the voice was so strange and I couldn't understand what happen in my gastric. and I was so curious how the doctors can know the gastric is okay or not by stethoscope..:) I want t learn it although I am not in doctor's major... because I am so curious.
I want to learn about how human's organ operate, how human's organ produce enzyme. so let's study hard to become good nurse for everyone ^_^