Sabtu, 28 Januari 2017

New Chapter

Sudah hampir 5 tahun , blog ini ngga keurus..:)  Now, I'm back.. There are a lot of things that had happened for 5 year. I will keep to up date information about Health. 

everyone want to be healthy but some times, they do not control their meal. I personally think that to be healthy, we should control our meal and mind. Sometimes we always eat healthy food, but why we usually get sick, it probably because we get stressed about job, life or relationship. you would ask " could stress has an effect to my body?" I would answered, " of course". the reason is because when we stressed, our body will produce hormon that have an effect in our immune. 

So , if you want to be healthy, keep to eat healthy food and always be positive..

See you... have a nice day☺