Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

kimi no todoke

Today I want to talk about this movie,this movie addopted from manga ( comic) with the same title kimi no todoke, this manga was made by karuho shiina . Maybe you all had watched this movie but I have been watched this movie.. and I like it :) why because this movie is interesting.. why ? ' sorry I always use "why" ^_^
so this is the story.. the story was about a girl whose name sawako kurunoma (mikako tabe).. sawako is beautiful but sawako looked so scary.. like sadako ( one of ghosts in japan) so there hadn't want to be her friend since childhood. sawako didn't have friend .. because no friend, sawako went to school and back home, went to school and back a home ..just it.. if we would be this girl , it absoultely so boring right.. ;)
when sawako entered senior high school, suddenly sawako met a guy whose name shota kazehaya (miura haruma), sawako helped him.. do you know what??? in fact this guy was her new classmate.. although all students in that school fear to sawako just that kazehaya didn't fear to her.. this guy help her to have friend.. in the chrismast.. kazehaya say love to sawako.. because it the first experience for sawako.. sawako just left kazehaya behind.. kazehaya felt so depressed.. so what do you think kazehaya want to do to sawako? do finaly they become a couple? how kazehaya help this girl to have a fiend? so let's watch this movie.. :)

2012... !!!!

I WANT TO SAY ......

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

happy mom's day

Today is mom's day.. I wanna say to my mom, "thanks you for everything mom. you're the best :)". as we know mom taking care of us since our child.. mom won't make you hurt, mom is a someone who can hold on. when we are cry , mom alaways make us comfort to tell about.. when we are lie, mom knows that we are lying but she still love us... but as child, we always do something that make her cring.. we never want to understand her feeling we just want to she understan us... we always angry to her.. we always shout to her.. but she still love us... so today .. I want to say that "I love you mom, I can't imagine if I lose you. mom, I'm sorry that I haven't become a good child for you. I want you accompany me until I have grandson for you.. :p. mom, when all people aren't believe me, just one person who believe me, that is you mom, when I got sickness and I can't move, just one person who take care of me patiently, that is you mom, when all people hate me, juat one prson who really love me, that is you mom. when I give up and so depreessed, just one person who trust me that I can do it, that is you mom... everymoment I spend with you is the best part in my life,, you make me feel pleasent to live on.. :p "... miss you so much mom.. I want to back home soon ><.. I miss when you make a glass of milk for me before I sleep :)

Selasa, 22 November 2011

Paradise kiss (parakiss)

I have been watched this movie last saturday and I like this movie. this movie is great. I like the actors and actress and I love the ending of this movie, so romantic ><. the main character is Keiko kitagawa as Yukari Hayasaka and Mukai Osamu as Jouji "george" Koizumi. Yukari have simple life since she was child. she just had school, course, school and course, always like that because her mom want to yukari be a succesful woman. yukari entered one of best school in her area , and she had her first love in there. her life had been changed when she met arashi ( george's friend). she was offered by arashi to be his model. in the beginning she want to do it and refused it. suddenly george went to herschool and had apologize and make over yukari. actually yukari didn't like her new hair but when she met her first love, he said that yukari looked suit with new hair and beautiful. after heard it, yukari was so thankful with george. time by time yukari want to be their model ( arashi, george, isabella, miwako) and they made ther brand, paradise kiss.
there are some love story, triangle love story between miwako, arashi and yukari first love. love story between yukari and george. so who will be yukari's boyfriend? does yukari' mom permit her to become professional model? does yukari will be professional model? does paradise kiss's brand will be exist? and how will be yukari and george in the end?
you have to watch it..it is good movie..this movie is about love, friendship, family, dream, fashion, teamwork...don't miss it :)

Minggu, 06 November 2011

Nurse ( curious about stethoscope and spynomanometer)

I have been studied about stethoscope and spygnomanometr. it's so fun to know about how to use that. I can hear heart beat and I can measure bloodstream. I can understand how different between sistole and diastole..
for the first time, I couldn't find brachial pulse. but after I praticed many time finally I could find it. I have been realized that every people have different location for brachial pulse. so it sometimes take some minutes to find it.
when I use sthethoscope, I tried to hear my gastric's voice. the voice was so strange and I couldn't understand what happen in my gastric. and I was so curious how the doctors can know the gastric is okay or not by stethoscope..:) I want t learn it although I am not in doctor's major... because I am so curious.
I want to learn about how human's organ operate, how human's organ produce enzyme. so let's study hard to become good nurse for everyone ^_^

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

library little story

Nice meet you all, I'm with my new friend, viki. she next to me..:) now we are in library. I'm looking some assigment in google and viki is studying about blood..:) because we are in nursing major so we are learning about leukosit, eritrosit, chemistry strukture in our body, heart,pilmonalis etc. I a little bit understand about that subject because I was in science major when I was senior high school.. I also have learned how use sthetoskop and sphynomanometer..how awesome !!!! I can know blood pressure too...:) I read some medical's books.. althought it is difficult to understand but I enjoyed it so much... I can know everthing about body, about how to be healthier than now, about communication and caring somebody else. because when we become nurse, we have to friendly, nice , a lot of smile, care with somebody else, help some else. how awesome to be a nurse !! although some people have a bad opinion and sometimes look down about nurse's profession but now I love this world. I can help some one else, this feel is so great. I hope some people can respect with this profession..:)

Selasa, 13 September 2011

Long time no see, I have graduated from senior high school..and now I am university's student. I am in nursing major for bachelor. I didn't imagine that I will choose this major. unbelieveable!! It word is suitable to use when I entired this major. but now, I am enjoy it. because it so chalence . yeah I think. as nurse we can help some people to heal their sickness. and I meet some new people everyday ^^. I also join taekwondo. I just not believe it. because I never join some activity like taekwondo. but it is so fun. because can protect my self from bad guy. I think, the difficult's part is some movement in taekwondo use korea's language that I haven't understand yet. but it's okay. I will understand it someday..^^ now I am so busy because I have a lot of homework and assigment. I have to read some books about nursing. there are some medical's word that I really don't understand yet. good luck for me..!! but this university is so fun and interesting. I have liked about the inaguration's night when I have ospek...I was so enjoy it.. thanks my senior...^^

Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

A Crazy little thing that called love

This movie is very romantic story. if you are crazy about love story, you have to watch this movie. This movie is from thailand. I have been watched thailand's movie which about love..^_^
This movie tell about nam, the girl who really not beuty love shone, her senior who really handsome and popular. She tried to attract shone's attention but she always failed. until, she and his friends found and praticed the book which tell about the method to get lover .. she tried the method.. day by day she became beauty and closer to shone..but suddenly shone close friend,top love nam.. nam and top was in relationship.. when she was closer to shone, she lost her friend..and her didn't want to talk to nam.. when she broke her love with top..top said to shone that he or him don't allow in relationship with nam.. finally when nam graduated, she said that she love shone but shone said that he had had been relationship with pin (shone's friend).. nam cried..
so what do you think how the end is?you have to watch it..because I don't want to tell the ending ^_^.. I just tell that this movie is happy ending....^-^
it is really good movie..so don't miss it...!!!!!!!!

Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

How to Train Your Dragon

Awalnya aku kira ini film khusus buat anak – anak. Makanya waktu kakakku download nih film, engga aku tonton – tonton selama berbulan- bulan...abis aku males aja,,hehe Tapi waktu aku iseng – iseng liat nih film soalny lagi suwung alias engga ada kerjaan.

Adegan awal, “ huh, film anak anak” tapi setelah adegan tokoh utama dikejar – kejar dragon nya...aku pikir “ nih film..ok juga” haha dan akhirnya aku tonton ini film samapi selesai..dan ternyata aku takjub dengan jalan ceritanya..soalnya ini film ok banget...

Jadi ceritanya, nih tokoh utama keturunan bangsa viking yang nantinya disiapkan untuk bertarung dan membunuh dragon.. tapi nih cowok selalu engga tega buat membunuh makanya ayahnya frustasi dan putus asa bagaimana mengajari anaknya, padahal ayahnya adalah ketua dari bangsa viking. Makanya ayahnya, nyuruh orang buat ngelatih nih cowok. Awalnya nih cowok emang payah banget waktu ngalahin dragon, kalah sama cewek.. ceritanya si cowok ini naksir ama si cewek..hehe

Tapi pas si cowok mengelana di hutan, dia ketemu dragon..nih dragon yang paling unik dan berbahaya (menurut buku tentang naga)..si cowok awalnya takut dan akhirnya dia ngasih makanan ama si dragon yang dikasih naman tootless..hehe lama kelamaan nih dragon jadi mau akran sama cowok ini..sialnya si cowok ama dragon ketauan sama si cewek..nah kira – kira si cewek bakal ngapain ya? bakal ngadu ke bangsa viking ? atau....? penasaran..?? makanya coba deh nonton nih film..seru banget..hehe

Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

pesta perceraian di jepang

Hari ini aku takjub banget, masih di acara salah satu stasiun berita yang nayangin tentang pesta perceraian...lagi- lagi aku kira ini berita bo’ongan tapi ternyata beneran..sumpah takjub banget..haha secara hari gini perceraian dibikinin pesta , engga cuman itu ada even organizernya juga loh..sumpah gokil banget..haha

Coba tebak negara mana yang kira – kira ngadain acara begituan..jeng jeng jeng..jawabannya adalah JEPANG alias JAPAN alias NIPON..yup negara jepanglah yang ternyata terdapat “pesta perceraian”. Kata Eonya nih, ini bisnis yang punya prospek bagus..nah loh..gila kreatif banget yah nih EO..

Tapi waktu aku liat gimana pesta percerain itu, sumpah kayak pesta nikahan. Ada gaunnya, ada undangan, ada karangan bunga, ada acara buang karangan bunga..kayak wedding aja yah..tapi beda tujuan..haha kalau wedding buat menyatukan pasangan kalau pesta perceraian untuk memisahkan pasangan..hehe

Jadi pestanya, itu mempelai datang bersamaan duduk diatas kursi kemudian menyerahkan cincinnya ke seseorang semacam orang yg ngurusin perceraian gitu deh, abis itu tu cincin di palu sampai hancur..kemudian kedua mempelai membuang cincin itu ke mulut patung kodok..aku engga tau kenapa harus kodok/katak kenapa engga binatang lainnya...hehe setelah itu, kedua mempelai berdoa, kemudian membuang karangan bunga ke tamu undangan....hehe lucu yah..ada pesta perceraian segala...menurutmu kalian..?^_^

world cup for women

Hari ini aku liat berita di tv, di salah satu stasiun tv indonesia. Tadinya, aku kira bo’ongan. Tapi ternyata beneran..haha . Pertandingan yang tadi aku liat itu, jerman vs jepang. Aku engga tau mana yang menang dan mana yang kalah. Diberita Cuma dibilang “ jepang pupus harapan, jerman hattrick” nah tapi di videonya, klub jepang yang ngegolin..makanya aku bingung..haha

Tapi seru juga liat pertandingannya, kok engga disiarin diindonesia yah. Padahal bakal banyak yang nonton..kan jarang banget ada world cup for women... Indonesia ikut engga yah..hehe

Tapi meskipun itu pertandingan sepak bola cewek, permainannya keren- keren loh kayak pemain sepak bola cowok.. sumpah aku kagum ..!!!!

Bagi kalian cewek- cewek penyuka sepak bola alias football..coba deh liat world cup women, engga kalah serunya sama pemain – pemain sepak bola cowok...larinya juga kenceng- kenceng..so you must watch it girlss...!!!!

Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

nodame Cantabile

Manga ( cartoon version)

Drama version

I love the story..it is very funny..romantic and refreshing.. I like how chiaki and nodame play piano..because of this drama,,I knew about classic music and the song.. but also I knew about orchestra.. in the past..I didn't know about piano concerto..violin concerto etc but because of its drama manga and movies.. I a little bit undestand about orchestra.. and I have been knew about what conductor 's job is..^_^..
you have to watch this drama.. you will know how hard conductor in manage orchestra..and how to teach person like nodame who talented in piano but can't read scor..
the story begun when chiaki was drunked and helped by nodame.. for the first time, chiaki was really hate nodame because nodame was strange, lazy and her room full of garbage.. but after chiaki knew about nodame's talent..chiaki changed. He was very amazed with nodame..why? because nodame had a talent in piano but she juat want to be a kindergarden's teacher.
because of nodame, chiaki could make his dream come true..and because of chiaki, nodame could develop her talent..so both of them could study abroad in europe..
do you want to know what chiaki's dream and how chiaki make nodame get scholarship to europe? if you want to know..you have to watch it first..^_^
and you will laugh about their love story....because so funny

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011


Today I watched a good movie with my old friend....the genre is horror.
for the first time, I think it wasn't scary at all. but in fact, it really really made me scary. I screamed all the time while I was watching it. the most scariest scene, I think when the dalton's father went to the afterlife to look for dalton and save him from the devil. and when elise knew that soul entiring dalton's father wasn't him but the bad devil...
you have to watch it if you like watch a horror movie. because it is very strain and you will never forget it easily. althought I couldn't walk because of my fear but I really like this movie.. so don't miss it...!!!!

Senin, 13 Juni 2011

ye..sekarang aku udah lulus...smua teman - teman ku di 12 ipa 1 sma 6 juga.. omedeto all..hehe
jangan lupain aku yah.. aku engga akan lupa sama kebersamaan selama 3 taun..haha
smoga acara perpisahan kita sukses..aku juga mau share in my blog yah..rencana perpisahan kita di magelang.... this will be unforgetable experience for me... let's have fun together..yeah...!!!
jadu engga sabar nih..haha


Drama ini memang ok banget deh. aku kasih jempol deh. aku suka banget usaha ashiya mizuki ( horikita maki) supaya sano izumi ( oguri shun) bisa kembali ke dunia athlet. Kemudia ada cinta segitiga antara ashiya, sano dan nakatsu ( ikuta toma). nakatsu ini lucu banget loh, ngeliat aktingnya pasti ketawa terus. oh ya, di drama ini settingnya disebuah sekolah yang muridnya cowok semua. sekolah ini dibagi menjadi 3 asrama, asrama atlit, asrama dance sama asrama karate, jadi setiap asrama diketuai oleh satu orang . asrama atlit oleh namba minami ( mizushima hiro), asrama karate oleh tennouji (ishigaki yuma) , asrama dance oleh masao kyo nabuo). ketiga dorm leader ini kocak banget. apalagi aksi dokter sekolahnya dr umeda. sumpah lucu. di dorama ini juga menceritakan bagaimana para cowok ini bersahabat, menyelesaikan masalah dan bertanding untuk mendapatkan hadiah dari kepala sekolah. oh ya, asal klian tau shiya mizuki ini cewek loh, dia menyamar menjadi cowok. nah kira- kira alasan ashiya berubah jadi cowok apa ya? terus gimana sano bisa tau ashiya ini cewek? apalagi dokter umeda? daripada penasaran, mendingan tonton deh dorama ini. pasti kamu bakal ketawa terus deh. aku jamin. soalnya dorama ini juga dapet banyak penghargaan. so don't miss it. dorama ini juga mau di tayangin di indosiar loh. jangan lupa nonton yah.