Selasa, 13 September 2011

Long time no see, I have graduated from senior high school..and now I am university's student. I am in nursing major for bachelor. I didn't imagine that I will choose this major. unbelieveable!! It word is suitable to use when I entired this major. but now, I am enjoy it. because it so chalence . yeah I think. as nurse we can help some people to heal their sickness. and I meet some new people everyday ^^. I also join taekwondo. I just not believe it. because I never join some activity like taekwondo. but it is so fun. because can protect my self from bad guy. I think, the difficult's part is some movement in taekwondo use korea's language that I haven't understand yet. but it's okay. I will understand it someday..^^ now I am so busy because I have a lot of homework and assigment. I have to read some books about nursing. there are some medical's word that I really don't understand yet. good luck for me..!! but this university is so fun and interesting. I have liked about the inaguration's night when I have ospek...I was so enjoy it.. thanks my senior...^^