Minggu, 13 April 2014

Sunlight contain vit D??

some people thinks that sunlightt contains vit D.. but my answer is between yes and no why?? because the sunlight contains unactive vit D.. it still needs process in our body.. so who help process unactive vit D in out body??  yes you right, the answer is renal... so renal will produce hormons to ptocess unactive vit D.... renal will active vit D and it will help bone to grow... that why in another article I invite you to protect our renal... cause renal is really really important for our body..
after the vit D is active, vit D will help the bone to absorb the calsium..that why we can grow up and tall...

love your renal

now I'm writing about how to protect your renal. renal is small organ in your body but renal has a lot of function in yoyr body. renal help heart and liver to process the toxic and electrolit in our body. that why renal is really important for us. when the renal has a problem, the symptomns are difficult to breath, cant to pee, vomit, nausea, fatigue. if it happens, it should be brought to hospital as soon as possible. because heart's works depend renal's work. start now love your renal !!
so how we protect our renal??
first consume some water, because renal process toxic in our body so renal need some water to process the toxic easier.. consume minimum water 2 liter/day.. it can help your renal from fatigue.. as you know, renal can feel fatigue, because we always drink some unhealthy drink....
second , if you consume a lot of milk/ meal made from milk, it means you have to consume some water because calsium can be a stone in renal if dont drink some water.. the prosess from calsium become a stone needs some years..
third decrease drink unhealthy drink ... it can harm your renal..
if we drink less water, the renal will work so hard to throw the toxic from meal and drink that be consumed . if renal work too hard, the function of renal will decrease and the cell will broken.... if renal's cell broken , it can not be back normal. there is no drug that can heal broken renal cell.. there is no medical's equitment that can make renal function normal.. that way people who the renal function decreas always do hemodyalisi ( the blood wash) to continue their life...

start now love your renal by drink water as much as possible... :)