Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

library little story

Nice meet you all, I'm with my new friend, viki. she next to me..:) now we are in library. I'm looking some assigment in google and viki is studying about blood..:) because we are in nursing major so we are learning about leukosit, eritrosit, chemistry strukture in our body, heart,pilmonalis etc. I a little bit understand about that subject because I was in science major when I was senior high school.. I also have learned how use sthetoskop and sphynomanometer..how awesome !!!! I can know blood pressure too...:) I read some medical's books.. althought it is difficult to understand but I enjoyed it so much... I can know everthing about body, about how to be healthier than now, about communication and caring somebody else. because when we become nurse, we have to friendly, nice , a lot of smile, care with somebody else, help some else. how awesome to be a nurse !! although some people have a bad opinion and sometimes look down about nurse's profession but now I love this world. I can help some one else, this feel is so great. I hope some people can respect with this profession..:)