Rabu, 28 Juni 2017

What Life means......

life is complicated
we can't know what happen in the future
we just do the best
but sometimes we will feel upset
and give up.....

so what should we do if it happen?
my suggestion is don't give up, and don't even think command suited
the first, tell to your best friend or someone who you believe it more
second, think that everyone ever have bad experience like you
don'l look down your self
think that you have second chance
the last, trust and pray to god. God won't give you big problem if you aren't strong
so positive thinking, and think what should you do in the future don't always look back in the past. you should look your past just once

human must have purpose to live
so make some purposes
it will make u try to do the best for your purpose
if human doesn't have purpose, so what does human live for????

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